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Go + Tell

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Go + Tell

Join our church in 2020 as we endeavor to have 1000 gospel oriented conversations with those God weaves in our paths. As we share the truth of the Gospel and follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit, we will return each Sunday morning to mark the occasion with ping pong balls added to our Go + Tell case mounted in the foyer.

Pray for us as we pray for you in your obedient efforts to proclaim the truth of Jesus to all those we encounter!



2020 vision

2020 Vision - Gospel Conversations

The first Sunday morning of every month, which is Family Service, will center upon a progressive theme to help equip and launch our initiative. You will hear preaching, praise, testimonies, and inspiration to grow with your family as you Go + Tell!



Wednesday Workshops

Wednesday Workshops

The first Wednesday evening (7pm) of every month will be an evening of learning and growing together around the monthly content. It is the “how to” part of Go + Tell.

Workshops are available for children ages preschool through adult. We will join together in unity in the sanctuary (7pm) to pray before breaking into our age appropriate groups.

* Nursery will be self serve during workshops.


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